This was my second application with Habitat for Humanity. I was very discouraged after going through a separation then ultimately a divorce. Naturally, how in the world could I become a Homeowner? Talk about faith kicking in. I was afraid, doubtful, just unsure about a future forward. The Lord knew who to bring in my life for this season. Mark, Mike, and Ms. Betty of Veranda Homes. I’m forever connected to them.

I sat in the room trying to figure out which builder I would be paired with. I saw the name on the board next to mine but didn’t have a clue what he should look like. Mark with Veranda was on my right sitting next to me the entire meeting. What a meeting it was. To this day I’m still connected to the awesome team who helped change my life. Should I say gave me life; purpose?

When I tell people that every morning I wake up, I still look around and say, “this is really MY home” I mean it! There are mornings I don’t want to leave my home because I love it just that much. I find myself walking from each room as if I’m still trying to decide how to furnish or decorate them. It’s been six years. Feels like we just moved in. Mark, Mike, and Ms. Betty and their team, all the hands that helped build this home of love, I can never say THANK YOU ENOUGH. My home is designed and detailed with my heart beats. Veranda made me feel like a queen upon a hill.

Habitat for Humanity was extremely blessed when this relationship formed with Veranda Homes. They didn’t just build me a house to live in. They built me a home to love in.

Lynda Dodd

Collin County Habitat for Humanity®


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